Hegyi kerékpáros túra Waidhofen an der Ybbs, Rathaus (city hall)-tól

Teljes képernyő

45,00 km hossz

  • Nehézség: közepes
  • Útvonal: 45,00 km
  • Emelkedő 1.037 Hm
  • Lejtés: 1.059 Hm
  • Időtartam: 2:30 h
  • Legalacsonyabb pont: 348 m
  • Legmagasabb pont: 736 m
  • Round tour
  • Nice views
  • With refreshment stops

Részletek: Bellevue-Strecke

Rövid leírás

Already the starting point of the tour "the city of towers" Waidhofen an der Ybbs, exerts a fascination to its visitors and provides quality of life. The Bellevue route without doubt is one of the best tours. Technically not very demanding, it offers so much more to the eye: magnificent views of the mild Mostviertel along the panoramic mountain trails.


Waidhofen - Arzberg - Hubberg - Franzenreith - St.Leonhard - Kogel - Sonntagberg - Luegergraben - Böhlerwerk - Waidhofen

A túra kiinduló pontja

Waidhofen an der Ybbs, Rathaus (city hall)

Utak leírása Bellevue-Strecke

Located in the heart of the MTB paradise around Waidhofen, Ybbsitz and Sonntagberg, the Bellevue route offers great views into landscapes and also habitats of the Mostviertel. Especially recommended is this route at the time of the Birnbaumblüte (pear tree blossoming). Despite the considerable 42.6 km length the Bellevue route is ideal as an introduction route to the start of the biking season. Starting from the park bath in Waidhofen an der Ybbs, the city of the towers, the route begins mainly on tarmac first following the Ybbs. We cycle then left up the mountain past idyllic farms, continue on the South-facing Ridge, where you can enjoy already beautiful views of the surroundings, for example a look at the Ybbsitz embedded in the Alpine mountains. Exhausting ascents alternate with less strenuous passages, past chapels and the still covered with straw idyllic farm "Eckamp", past hiking and Meadow trails, the trail continues enjoying again and again great views into the hilly and the pre-Alpine Eisenwurzen, to finally come to St. Leonhard. Here a break is recommended, for example at the Eisenstraßenheurigen Ettel, where one can strengthen themselves for the last ascents up to the Basilica Sonntagberg. After a tour of the Basilica, we can enjoy finally the panorama. Now we have made it, from now the trail goes downhill into the Lueggraben (ditch) to Böhlerwerk. Here we cross the railway tracks and cycle finally left upstream along the romantic Ybbsuferlandschaft (river settings) back to our starting point, where the park bath with a dip into the cool water awaits.


A1, exit Amstetten West, Ybbstalstraße (B31) direction Waidhofen an der Ybbs, roundabout direction Zentrum (center) bis Rathausplatz (city hall place)

További információk / linkek

Magistrat der Stadt Waidhofen
Tel. 07442/511-255 / e-mail: 

Mostviertel Tourismus
Töpperschloss Neubruck
Neubruck 2/10, 3283 Scheibbs
T +43/7482/204 44

Biztonsági előírások

Bitte beachten Sie die Wintersperre dieser und aller weiteren MTB-Strecken im Mostviertel von 01. November bis 14. April. 

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A szerző tippjei

Waidhofen an der Ybbs: nature park Buchenberg with game reserve

Walking tours through the historic old town, Museum of local history 

Ybbsitz: Panorama Trail,  „Schmankerlkammer Ybbsitz“, forging demonstration in the Fahrngruber Hammer, walking along the forge Street

Sonntagberg: Baroque Basilica on the Sonntagberg, air and sound garden Wagenöd, Panorama altitude trail as well as castle ruins of the Herrschaft Gleiß

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