Drei-Seen-Tour Lunz

Gyalogtúra Parking lot at the Lunzer Lake (about 750 m).-tól

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  • Nehézség: közepes
  • Útvonal: 9,46 km
  • Emelkedő 500 Hm
  • Lejtés: 105 Hm
  • Időtartam: 4:00 h
  • Legalacsonyabb pont: 618 m
  • Legmagasabb pont: 1.114 m
  • Nice views

Részletek: Drei-Seen-Tour Lunz

Rövid leírás

This walk is dedicated to the element of water. The Lunzer See is called the pearl of the Eisenwurzen and is the only natural lake in Lower Austria. On the Mittersee there is a beautiful waterfall, the Ludwigsfall. The Obersee (lake) is small, but crystal clear. From the dark green water, a small island rises with pine trees. A boat tour on the Lunzer Lake is also recommended.



Lunz am smaragdgrünen (emerald) See (lake) : Surrounded by a beautiful countryside, surrounded by mountains of the wild Mostviertels, shine the waters. As the only natural lake in Lower Austria Lunzer Lake invites to wonderful swimming, boating and fishing experiences beyond the everyday hustle and bustle. Actually, it should be called Lunz at the lakes, because there are still crystal clear mountain lakes - the Mittersee (lake) and the between romantic rocks and rolling pastures located Obersee (lake) 1113 meters above sea level. They are located in a beautiful setting at the foot of the high alpine Dürrenstein. On the south side of the Obersee can a floating bog (Rotmoos) be seen, above the Mittersee (lake) a romantic waterfall and the Rainerquelle (watersource) with the "brüllenden Stier (roaring bull)".

A túra kiinduló pontja

Parking lot at the Lunzer Lake (about 750 m).

Utak leírása Drei-Seen-Tour Lunz

On the southern shore of the Lunzer See (lake) one heads in the direction of  Seehof. Continuing past the castle, the forest road goes through the Seebachtal (valley). Now  the trail goes up right along the steep walls of the Seemäuer. After some time one reaches the Mittersee (lake) (766 m above sea level). Next, past the beautiful Ludwigsfall, we leave the valley, and reach a flat Taltrog (greenplace) and finally end at the Obersee (lake) (1114 m above sea level). The same route back.


A1 exitYbbs, B 25 - Erlauftalbundesstraße to Lunz am See.


at the Lunzer Lake (about 750 m)

with the Westbahn (train) toPöchlarn, Elauftalbahn (train) to Kienberg. Then with bus or Museumsbahn „Ötscherland-Express“ (train) past Pfaffenschlag.

További információk / linkek

Tourismusbüro (tourist office) Lunz 
+43 (0) 7486/ 8081 15


Please take enough food & snacks, there aren't any refreshment stops!

Térkép ajánlások ÖK Blatt 71 Lunz Blatt 72 MariazellLunzer Wanderkarte, Tourismusbüro Lunz 07486/80 81 15Mostviertel Tourismus, Töpperschloss Neubruck, Neubruck 2/10, 3283 Scheibbs, T +43/7482/204 44, info@mostviertel.at, www.mostviertel.at/prospekte
A szerző tippjei

Als Abschluss empfiehlt sich eine Bootsfahrt auf dem Lunzer See.

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