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The Klostergasthaus in the Freigut Thallern

Borosgazda, Vinotéka

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Taste for over 350 years

The experience of visiting the Vinotheque in the Freigut Thallern begins with the journey. Hardly a kilometre from the Bundesstraße 50 near Guntramsdorf, you pass a flyover and dive into another world. Even visitors who have often been here are amazed at this unique facility.

The Vinotheque is located in the centre of the second oldest winery in Austria. In the 12th century, the estate was handed over to the Cistercian Order. Wine has been produced here since October 18, 1141 with no interruption.

The buildings in the estate tell of long forgotten times. Under the initiative of the Polz family, a large part of the historical architectural ensemble was revitalised and renovated with a lot of heart and sweat. The vinotheque was built with modern elements directly into the old wine warehouse. Adjacent to it is the Prälatenstöckel, the former residence of the Meier family. Today, this area is used not just for wine presentations and tastings, but also for seminars.

The proximity to Baden, Mödling and Vienna makes the winery and in particular the Vinotheque an attractive destination for many people.

This is what you can expect at in the Gebietsvinothek at the Freigut Thallern:

  • The best wines from 60 wineries in the thermal region
  • Presentation of the autochthonous varieties of the thermal region: Rotgipfler and Zierfandler
  • Selected wines from Austria as contrast to the wines of the thermal region
  • Guided tours with supervised tastings (special experiences comprise of the centuries-old barrel cellar and the Giuliani altar in the Johanneskapelle)
  • Comprehensive tips for wine connoisseurs from trained staff (you could also meet Erich Polz, if you get lucky)
  • Culinary delicacies from Lower Austria and Styria
  • Enjoy a glass or two of wine in peace before you have to return to the real world.
  • The regional vinotheque is open daily from 9:00 to 19:00.


The Klostergasthaus in the Freigut Thallern - Taste for over 350 years

Only a few steps away from the vinotheque, you will find the carefully renovated country inn. The Klostergasthaus offers a traditional ambience, cosy rooms but also a spacious hall and magnificent shady gardens, which make the traditional house the ideal place for events of all kinds. The renovated St. John's Chapel, in conjunction with the inn, forms a festive setting for weddings and baptisms.

Here the hiker, who stops for a hearty "snack", as well as the guest, who comes to well-cooked plate of dinner with high-class wine company, will find what they are looking for. The Klostergasthaus Thallern has thus developed into an attraction for a relaxed culture of enjoyment and presents its guests with fine delicacies from the region.

This gourmet restaurant awarded so by the Gault Millau, wins you over with culinary delights and quality wines. The traditional deep-fried chicken and other tasty chicken dishes are on the menu along with a variety of other hearty and sweet delicacies.

Family celebrations on the cards? There are many rooms in the Klostergasthaus and even two guest gardens may be availed in summer when the weather is kind. Whether you come in small group or in very large one- whether it is a family meeting or a company celebration, we gladly cater for you.



  • Winter garden - up to 100 people can be accommodated in the large Leopoldisaal. (Leopoldi hall)
  • Kaminstube (Lounge with open fireplace) - cosy and comfortable spruce wood panelled lounge with a fireplace.
  • Schankraum (Bar) - is there anywhere more comfortable to dine and celebrate than in the bar?
  • Weinstube (Wine tavern) - the traditional and cosy "old pub".
  • Klosterstube (Abbey) - our small, bright hall with a view of the Riede Student
  • Gastgarten (Guests’ garden) - enjoying nature under old chestnut trees


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