100 Ponds Tour Litschau

Kerékpártúra Litschau, Lower Town Square-tól

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72,52 km hossz

  • Nehézség: közepes
  • Útvonal: 72,52 km
  • Emelkedő 318 Hm
  • Lejtés: 318 Hm
  • Időtartam: 6:00 h
  • Legalacsonyabb pont: 427 m
  • Legmagasabb pont: 581 m
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  • Kulturális/történelmi értékek

Részletek: 100 Ponds Tour Litschau

Rövid leírás

About two and a half hours by car from Vienna, the 100 Ponds Tour leads through the beautiful landscape of forest and water from Litschau to Trebon (CZ).


In the triangle of Gmünd, the climatic health resort of Litschau and the spa town of Trebon (CZ), excursionists have the opportunity to really enjoy historical cultural towns, castles and sights, natural areas and down-to-earth gastronomy.

A túra kiinduló pontja

Litschau, Lower Town Square

A túra végállomása

Litschau, Lower Town Square

Utak leírása 100 Ponds Tour Litschau

The forests not only keep the wind out, but also provide shade. The majority of the route has been laid out on low-traffic freight and sand paths. The gently rolling Upper Waldviertel with the bordering South Bohemia and the huge pond plateau, declared a biosphere nature reserve by UNESCO, is a true cycling paradise for everyone. With a bit of luck, you might even come across a white-tailed eagle, otter or other animals in the wild. (1/2 day tour)

The South Bohemian Pond Plateau is particularly family-friendly, as the route is very flat and sheltered from the wind by the forests.


Coming from St. Pölten take the S33 to Krems, continue on the B37 to Rastenfeld, B38 to Zierings, via Doellersheim and Allentsteig on the B5, B5 to Eisgarn, there turn left towards Litschau.

Coming from Vienna A22 to exit Stockerau Nord, continue on B4 direction Horn, in Horn on B5, B5 to Eisgarn, then left direction Litschau.

Coming from the west A1 to exit A7 - A7 to Unterweitersdorf - on the S10 to exit Sandl - via B38 to Karlstift - continue on B41 to Schrems - at Schrems on B2 - then via Brand, Finsternau, Gopprechts and Schönau to Litschau.


Park & Ride facility at the bus station

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Waldviertel Tourism
3910 Zwettl, Sparkassenplatz 1/2/2
(T) +43 2822 54109
(E) info@waldviertel.at


(I) www.waldviertel.at

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There are numerous opportunities to cool off in the water along the circuit.

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